Earth care, People care, and Sharing with our community.

We grow, farm, and practice life with these principles in mind.

As food lovers and consumers, we want to know from whom, where, and how our food is grown.

It’s why we shop at farmers markets too. We want to know our farmers and have a direct relationship.

Come by to pick up your online orders at the farm or at the farmers market, and let’s talk about great food and gardening!

We’re open and excited to connect and share with you about our farming practices.

From soil to seeds, we believe that every step in the food growing process is important to know about.

It’s why we’re transitioning to organic*. So you can trust that we’re doing what we say, and so you can feel our commitment to growing the highest quality produce.

We’re foodies and we love to create in the kitchen.

It’s why we grow a diverse mix of vegetables, herbs, and fruits to suit and celebrate many cuisines from around the world.

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Food is at the center of world culture.

It’s why food connects us when we appear different. It’s how we can share when we have no words. It’s how we can appreciate a place we are in.

Meet your Farmers

Welcome to Coming Home Farm!

We are Aaron and Lisa.

We are super grateful to have come and joined everyone here in qathet/Powell River, on this magical north Sunshine Coast.

After being in Vancouver for the past 20 and 12 years, we finally made it out.

After visiting Powell River for the first time in 2022, an exciting opportunity came up for us to be the next stewards of this beautiful land, which was previously known as the “Hatch-a-Bird Farm”. 

As scary as it can be to go after a dream when it appears, we jumped! 

We’re over the moon and filled with gratitude to be here.

We’re now in our second growing season, and grateful that you’re here as a part of it too!

Aaron Ash

For me, Aaron, it’s been the dream since I was 19 to homestead and farm. I wanted to grow my own food, live in a tight community, and become as self-sufficient as possible. 

I could see that our centralized food system was fragile. I understood that as a humanity we were burning up a lot of resources to ship our food around from long distances. I recognized that we were poisoning our food and ecosystems with pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, and chemical fertilizers. 

I saw a solution and I wanted to be a part of it. Since then, I have focused my life on being a part of the organic food system. 

Life can be ironic though and have a direction of its own, because while looking for a spacious life on land in the Saskatchewan prairies, I ended up moving to Los Angeles- one of the biggest, most dense, and fastest cities around.

It was in California that I got introduced to permaculture design and while enjoying the all-year growing conditions, I got even more inspired to grow food and gardens. Also, while chasing dreams of music and the lifestyle of an LA yoga bum, I had opportunities to professionally express another parallel passion- creating plant-based foods for people. 

I moved to Vancouver after that and continued on with my food mission. 

A big part of my life since that time in the early 2000’s has been about creating and sharing healthy food, yoga, nutrition, and holistic health practices. This farm is an extension of that.

I had 7 organic cafe/restaurant/kitchen locations in Vancouver. Most of them were called “Gorilla Food”. The last location, after 13 years, closed in 2017. 

While running the restaurants my vision always remained that “one day” I would get out of the city and onto some land so I could send food back to the city. 

It happened; I’m now here in the garden and on the farm. I couldn’t be more grateful for the place and the shape this dream has taken.

I look forward to growing with this community, contributing where I can, and helping to feed us all.

Lisa Hau

While Aaron is growing foods, Lisa can be found in the flower patch, but mostly she’s focused in her painting studio, running her business, and creating magic with colour and brushes.

She also supports artists, business owners, and humans as a mentor and coach. 

Lisa doesn’t push as many wheelbarrows as Aaron or the farm crew, but she is still without a doubt a main source of support and inspiration flowing through the farm. 

She has been the main messenger and creator on our social media and communications channels too. 

Find more about her at:

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